It is quite likely that you are referencing this website for the first time after a direct “cold-call” contact from one of our recruiters. We appreciate the few minutes spent with you on the phone as we developed a “snapshot” profile of your background. The general trend that we have noticed is that the majority of the engineers that we initially speak with are not actively engaged in a job search and are not willing to make an immediate move. We generally prefer that to be the case as we only want to work with those who have carefully provided us with a narrowly defined set of criteria of the type of opportunity that they would like to pursue. We are then able to pre-screen the viable opportunities that come across our desk and are able to contact you accordingly.

There are obviously a wide variety of reasons of why you want to change positions. Maybe it is the opportunity for a greater challenge or the possibility of advancement. You might be looking for a smaller company where you can really make a difference. You could be ready for a change to a larger corporation with the stability and the available resources to launch a variety of products. Or it could be something else that you feel could be improved about your current work situation.

Whatever your reasons, TSS Consulting, Ltd. can be a very valuable resource to your job-search network. We do ask that after you have reviewed our “current searches” section of our website that you send to us a confidential copy of your resume. The information you send to us will be held in STRICT CONFIDENCE! We will not initiate anything without your PRIOR CONSENT! If you do however prefer for us to only work off of the small description of your background that we took during our initial conversation, that will not work to your advantage. Our success since 1985 has been solely dependent upon the “good-faith” relationship concept of candidate and recruiter. It is essential that we have a resume that is representative of your credentials. If we find an opening with one of our client companies that appears to be a good match for you, we will be in touch by phone or e-mail to inform you about our client’s opportunity. Only if you are interested will we present detailed information about you to our client. We conduct our business on a national scale. It all depends on whether you want to stay local or if you want to move to a particular geographic region.

Our requirements are largely senior-level, technical contributor positions. We also actively recruit for Management / Director level positions as well; if we do have those positions available you must be willing to have the mentality of being able to “roll up your sleeves” and become technically involved with the design team at multiple levels. Our clients are not willing to review candidates who do not have a strong recent technical “hands-on” background.

We continually welcome new resumes from Engineers who have at least five years of professional experience. We do not have entry level positions for recent graduates.

The late financier JP Morgan once said: “During the course of your career, you will be presented with one, possibly two opportunities that can literally change your life”.

The only question now is how “aware” would you like to be?

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